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It is with great regret that I tell you my Dad, your Shipmate and the Co-Founder of the USS Metivier (DE-582) Reunions and Website passed away on Easter Sunday April 8, 2012.

He will be missed but at 86 and in failing health it was his time and wish to go. He died very peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by all six of his children shortly after a FABULOUS two hour group conversation we had with him. His entertaining sense of humor was alive and well right to very end. He was ready and excited to be reunited with our Mom…his beloved Ruthie, and all of his departed friends and shipmates that were so important to him. He had a “Great Run!”

The Mass and Funeral was very befitting a man who was a steadfast and passionate Catholic and believer. The Military Ceremony and the “Full Honors” Burial at the Bourne VA Cemetery on Cape Cod was fit for a Hero and a tribute to his WWII U.S. Navy shipmates who served with him aboard the USS Metivier (DE-582) – “The Mighty M”. I was presented the folded U.S. flag in his honor and I have a new found respect for the widows and children that mourn and bury their young Spouses, Moms and Dads.

Here is a link to the Eulogy I wrote and delivered at his Funeral Mass. I thought some of you who knew him and were not able to attend the wake and funeral may like to read it. It was both the toughest thing I have ever written and spoken in my life…and also the most proud, exciting and gratifying moment in my life!

Here is a link to the a Memorial Video my son, Harold, made to commemorate his Grandfather’s life.

Here is a link to the Funeral Mass Program.

And lastly, here is a link to his Obituary, Photos and Memories on his personal webpage on the Gately Funeral Home website.

Thank you all for being such good and close Friends and Shipmates with our Mom and Dad. As you surely know…they greatly enjoyed and valued their friendships with you all too and they look forward to seeing you all again one day.

“Fair Winds and Following Seas,”

Rick MacDonald Jr. & The MacDonald Family

Please Note:

I will continue to run the USS Metivier (DE-582) website in memory of my Dad and all of his USS Metivier (DE-582) Shipmates. So please keep updating me on the news of any newly found shipmates whether still alive or already passed away, any of his shipmates that have already passed away or any other news or photos of any his shipmates that they or their families would like to share with everyone. Please contact me, Rick MacDonald at

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