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SHIPS LOG (Not Official)

1 9 4 4
April 7 Hingham,MA. Commissioned. LCDR Francis Kernan, Jr. Commanding Officer.
April 24 Left Boston for Bermuda Shakedown. Rough sea.
April 26 Arrived Bermuda. 950 miles. Next 4 weeks spent testing all guns, radar, sonar,8 engines.
May 24 Returned Boston. LCDR Eugene Maher relieved LCDR Kernan as Commanding Officer.
June 3 Departed Boston.
June 5 Arrived Norfolk, having escorted big oil tanker enroute. 6440 miles already on pit log.
June 6 "D"day in France as the big invasion began. Justice gave us the word at reveille.
June 17 Left Norfolk for New York in company with DE580 convoying a converted aircraft carrier which broke down enroute (dead in the water from 2100 to 0210) .
June 18 Sent back 40 miles to pick up a daad body in the water.
June 19 0300. Arrived New York.
June 21 Departed New York for Norfolk escorting a Canadian aircraft carrier.
June 22 Arrived Norfolk. Took on fuel and supplies.
June 23 Underway at 0630. Anchored outside of nets about 1 mile, on the edge of a 64 ship convoy.
June 24 Underway at 0345. More ships have joined to make up a 92 ship convoy with 16 escort, vessels and 2 carriers. We are headed for North Africa. The convoy is 7 1/2 miles wide and 5 miles deep. there are 13 columns with 7 ships in each column. 16 are LST's.
June 25 Had a submarine contact this AM. Dropped 5 depth charges. Sea is a little rough.
June 26 Dropped a pattern of 4 depth charges. Sea is rough.
June 27 Convoy is a beautiful sight.
June 28 Dropped 2 more depth charges. Refueled from a tanker. Two men »ere injured during the operation.
June 29 3 subs reported heading our way. June 30 AM. Firing practice for all guns.
July 1 Sea is calm.
July 2 Passed debris and empty life raft on starboard side.
July 3 Saw a school of sharks. Time for typhus and cholera shots (2 of each now).
July 4 Tried out our smoke generator on fantail to celebrate. Fueled up again.
July 5 Another DE picked up a lighted empty life raft.
July 6 10,000 miles on the pit log. Sea is rough. It is raining.
July 7 Another carrier(ESSEX Class) and 5 DE's joined Our convoy.
July 8 Air coverage begins, now being provided by RAF. July 10 Sighted African coastline AM. Passed through Straits of Gibraltar. 3 miles wide. More inoculations.
July 11 12 more ships joined convoy at Oran.
July 12 German air attack including 1 torpedo and flares. Convoy laid smoke screen and fired anti-aircraft guns.
July 13 4 British Hurricanes provide air cover.
July l4 Arrived Bizerte after 21 days at sea. Harbor is filled with sunken ships.
July 17 Liberty in Bizerte. Some go to Tunis. Wrecked German vehicles along the road.
July 2O Depart for USA at 0630, convoying empty cargo vessels.
July 21 Captain*s inspection.
July 22 GQ at 0545. 3 enemy aircraft. 48 ship convoy with 12 escorts.
July 24 German aircraft around. Laid smoke screen. Passed through Gibraltar.
July 27 Refueled this AM.
August 2 2 more booster shots. Sea is rough;
August 7 Rainy day. AM convoy split. We are taking 26 ships to Norfolk. Left ships at breakwater and headed for Brooklyn.
August 9 Arrived Brooklyn Navy Yard.
August 26 Left Navy Yard. Calibrated radio direction finder in outer harbor.
August 27 Gunnery practice. Fired 103 rounds of 5". Anchored at Port Pond Bay, L.I.
August 29 Moored alongside South Brooklyn embarkation piers
August 30 0400. Underway for Norfolk after taking on fuel and supplies.
August 3l Arrived Norfolk.
Sept 1 1800. Underway to join convoy to Palereo, Sicily. 13 escorts.
Sept 2 On patrol awaiting formation of convoy.
Sept 3 Underway.
Sept 4 Submarine sighted 25 wiles behind convoy by PBY's.
Sept 6 20,000 wiles reached.
Sept 7 Refueled. Convoy carrying thousands of troops.
Sept 10 Much cooler.
Sept 14 Another DE picked up a submarine on the surface at 3000 yards by radar and dropped charges. DE580 also picked up the sonar contact and dropped charges.
Sept l7 Sonar contacts by us and two other ships at once.
Sept 18 Sighted Gibraltar. Saw two huge sea turtles.
Sept 22 Arrived Bizerte. Anchored out. Took on fuel. No one ashore because of bubonic plague.
Sept 23 0800. Left Bizerte for Palermo, Sicily, where on arrival we anchored in the bay. Very mountainous, scenic.
Sept 24 Went alongside the dock. USS Brooklyn here.
Sept 27 While here saw the catacombs. During day made practice sonar runs on Italian submarine "CAGNI". Late PM departed for Bizerte.
Sept 28 On arrival Bizerte joined a 24 ship convoy headed for USA. Raining. Rough sea.
Sept 29 Left, convoy. Proceeded to Oran for radar repairs. Saw an enormous whale. Very rough. Registered 20 to 40 degree rolls all day.
Oct, 2 Rejoined convoy which has grown to 64 ships. Passed through Straits of Gibraltar. British carrier "TROUNCER" has joined the convoy.
Oct 6 Transferred a doctor between ships by breeches buoy. 3 days of rough seas.
Oct 8 Fair weather with a strong breeze.
Oct 10 AH fueled. Very rough.
Oct 13 4 DE's left convoy to fire new "Buck Rogers" projectiles.
Oct 15 Part of convoy split off to head for Norfolk. We are continuing on to New York with the remainder. Very rough. Did a 42 degree roll.
Oct 17 Arrived Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Nov 3 Repairs. and alterations having been completed, departed Brooklyn Navy Yard for NAD, Earle, NJ, to load ammunition.
Nov 4 Departed for Panama. Speed 20 knots. Nov 9 Arrived Colon, Panama. Moored at coaling depot.
Nov 10 Passed through the Gatun locks, Gatun Lake, Culebra Cut, and Miraflores locks in transiting the Canal.
Nov ll Bound for the Galapagos Islands. Sea calm. Hot.
Nov 12 Crossed the Equator with appropriate ceremony as the bulk of the crew became Shellbacks.
Nov 13 Anchored off Seyeour Island, Galapagos. Fueled.
Nov 25 Arrived Bora Bora, a beautiful tropical island. Fueled.
Nov 26 Left for Florida Island in the Solomons. Crossed International Dateline.
Dec 7 Arrived Tulagi, Florida Island. Anchored in "Iron Bottom Bay". Fueled. Many sunken ships. Departed for Hollandia, New Guinea.
Dec 9 40,000 miles on pit log.
Dec 10 Arrived Hollandia. About 300 ships present.
Dec 12 First mail in a month.
Dec 14 We are part of 7th Fleet.
Dec 15 Take on fuel and supplies.
Dec 19 Departed Hollandia with convoy of 34 ships (11 LST's) enroute Philippines
Dec20 With the convoy, are 4 escorts and 1 seagoing tug.
Dec 24 Saw 2 floating mines. DE580 sent to Palau to escort a tanker back to the convoy. Bright moonlight night.
Dec 25 Off Leyte Gulf. 2015 Japanese plane drops torpedo which missed hitting anything.
Dec 26 Anchored in San Pedro Bay, Philippines. About 400 ships present.
Dec 27 Left Leyte Gulf for Hollandia, escorting 9 empty cargo ships with 4 other escorts including 1 Aussie.
Dec 31 Enroute Hollandia. New Year's Eve. Crossed Equator for the 5th time.
1 9 4 5
Jan 2 Arrived Hollandia. Heavy rain. Took on fuel and supplies.
Jan 3 Underway in convoy of 35 mostly cargo ships. We are one of escort of 3 DD's and 4 DE's. No fresh food. No mail for a month.
Jan 5 Enroute Philippines. Crossed Equator. AM..27 LST's joined the convoy.
Jan 9 Entered Leyte Gulf where 12 LST's joined convoy. Heavy rain. Passed through Surigao Srait. Invasion of Luzon at Lingayen Gulf began today. We are escorting the 3rd Echelon for the landing.
Jan 11 23 PT Boats joined convoy. Windy and rough. Passing Mindoro Island which was invaded 3 weeks ago. Fires of burning equipment seen on beach.
Jan 12 At dawn alert 2 enemy aircraft approached to within 5 miles and left. On right flank of convoy off Bataan Peninsula heading north. About 1300 a suicide plane passed over our bow and hit a ship in the convoy. We proceeded to help with rescue operations and pulled a few men out of the water. The impact blew a 5'x8' hole in the side and started a fire which was put out in 20 min. 1820. Convoy attacked by 4 suicide planes hitting 2 ships. 52 men were killed on a troop transport. We fired at planes with all batteries, possibly getting some hits.
Jan 13 Arrived Lingayen Gulf. Hundreds of ships present, mostly amphibious craft. 2 suicide planes at 1840.
Jan 14 Anti-sub patrol as landing craft unload. Picked up floating Jap body, added some weight, and dumped it back to sink. Terrible stench.
Jan 15 Sound of guys on shore heard night and day. Refueled. Saw another floating Jap body. COLORADO and WEST VIRGINIA here.
Jan 16 Underway for Leyte as part of a screen of 4DD's and 6 DE's for a convoy of 35 LST's and LCI's. One of the escorts had sunk a Jap troop barge the night before - picking up only 1 survivor.
Jan 17 Huge ground swells. No enemy activity.
Jan 20 Arrived San Pedro Bay. We are living on canned pork, powdered eggs, and spaghetti. Took on supplies.
Jan 21 Refueled. Got mail about one month old.
Jan 22 Very hot; over 90 in the shade.
Jan 23 On patrol off the entrance to Leyte Gulf. Raining and cooler.
Jan 25 Refueled. Joined a screen of 7 DD's & 6 other DE's escorting 28 troop transports.
Jan 29 Joined by 35 LST*s. On arrival at, landing area north of Subic Bay we were greeted by Filipino forces already in control.
Jan 30 With 0 DE's escorting 17 troop transports to Leyte. One transport was torpedoed during the night but was not sunk.
Feb 1 Anchored in San Pedro Bay off Leyte.
Feb 3 Liberty and mail call.
Feb 6 Enroute Biak Island escorting 60 LST's.
Feb 9 Split off. from convoy escorting 3LST's singly. No fresh food. Canned mutton.
Feb 10 Started a camouflage paint job. Crossed equator.
Feb 11 Anchored inside harbor at Mios Woendi near Biak. Small Australian craft present. Beautiful beach. PT base.
Feb 14 Departed Mios Woendi unaccompanied.
Feb 17 Crossed the Line. Weather hot with squalls. Joined convoy of 13 LST's escorted by I DD & 1 DE. Radio report that Bataan was recaptured.
Feb 18 LST's. carrying 5th Air Force personnel.
Feb 20 Arrived San Pedro Bay.
Feb 23 Underway to search for enemy sub.
Feb 24 Returned to anchorage, not having located sub.
Feb 27 Underway for Hindoro escorting a convoy of 12 LST's.
Mar 1 Arrived Mangarin Bay, Mindoro, and started patrol outside of bay.
Mar 6 ASW sweep Apo island to Ambulong
Mar 8 Extended patrol north to outside Manila Bay.- Corregidor clearly seen.
Mar 9 Back to patrol off Mangarin Bay, Hindoro.
Mar l2 Into Mangarin Bay for maintenance
Mar 15 Continue patrolling off Mangarin Bay.
Mar l8 Back into harbor for maintenance.
Mar 20 Patrol outside Mangarin Bay.
Mar 23 Extended patrol up to Manila. Very rough seas.
Mar 25 Into Mangarin Bay for fuel and Christmas mail of moldy, beat-up packages. Left to join convoy headed for Leyte.
Mar 26 0500. Joined convoy of 5 tugs towing barges loaded with aviation gasoline
Mar 28 Arrived San Pedro Bay.
Apr 1 Easter Sunday. Church services on various ships.
Apr 5 Underway for Manila escorting Dutch troop transport.
Apr 7 Arrived Hanila. Anchored off breakwater. Sunken ships everywhere. Fighting in outskirts can be seen and heard.
Apr 10 Underway to Leyte with 9 ship convoy. 3 escorts.
Apr 11 2300. Hit native sailboat carrying civilian passengers from Mindanao to Cebu. Went to GQ to pick up survivors. 37 rescued. 1 man and 6 children drowned.
Apr 12 Arrived Leyte. both screws and 1 rudder damaged.
Apr 19 Investigation of collision by COHPHILSEAFRON.
Apr 23 In drydock for repairs to collision damage. It is located about 40 miles from the anchorage at San Pedro Bay in Gunlan Roadstead, Samar, off Manigani Is.
Apr 26 Left drydock. Returned to San Pedro Bay.
Apr 27 Underway with 20 LST convoy to Okinawa.
May l Lifejackets are ordered worn at all times. Dawn and dusk alerts. Sank a floating mine with rifle fire.
May 2 Arrived west side of Okinawa vicinity Naha. Took on fuel and went on station to patrol with sonar out of order.
May 3 On way back to Leyte screening TENNESSEE with 1 DE and l DD.
May 5 TENNESSEE heads for Guam.
May 6 Arrived San Pedro Bay.
May 9 In floating drydock YFD64 for repair of sonar gear.
May 11 To San Pedro Bay for fuel and thence to patrol at entrance to Leyte Gulf.
May 13 Shore bombardment practice.
May 14 Relieved by DE585 on patrol. Back to San Pedro Bay.
May l6 Underway on mail run.
May 17 Anchored off Zamboanga
May 18 Ilo Ilo, Panay. At 1800 arrived Mangarin Bay, Hindoro.
May 19 1100 Manila' 1600 Subic Bay 1900 underway.
May 21 Arrived Tolosa, Leyte. Refueled and took on Supplies.
May 23 Underway to San Bernardino Straits.
May 24 On patrol S.B. Straits. 2200 Returned to Leyte for evaporator repairs.
May 26 Alongside MEDUSA for repairs.
June 12 Underway.
June 13 Relieved DE587 on patrol near Palau.
June 21 Relieved by ELMORE.
June 22 Anchored vicinity of Calicoan to take on supplies.
June 23 Anchored off Tolosa. The 5th Fleet is anchored in San Pedro Bay. An impressive sight!
June 25 1800.Underway.
June 26 Relieved NICKEL on patrol Station "E".
Jul 4 Relieved by DE354. Fantail celebration. Passed over Nindanao Deep (5900 fathoms).
July 5 Anchored near RIGEL (Repair ship) in San Pedro Bay.
July 9 At Calicoan Is. supply base for replenishment.
July 10 ASW Exercises with sub. 1900 Anchored off Tolosa.
July 12 Underway with DE686 escorting 5 tugs towing bridge sections to Okinawa.
July 17 Rough seas.
July 21 1000 Anchored in Buckner Bay. Many battleships, cruisers, and carriers present. 1800 In Naha area on patrol station "FOX".
July 23 Occasional calls to general quarters. 1800 - Underway for Leyte with DE's 686 & 357.
July 24 0000. Contacted DD Squadron on same course and speed. 1115. Sighted Jap bomber FRANCES on starboard beam. Went to general quarters. DESRON Commander sent blinker message "WOULD YOU CARE TO JOIN US FOR MUTLIAL SUPPORT?" We politely declined. Learned by voice radio (TBS) that UNDERHILL (DE682), about 2 hours ahead of us out of Qkinawa was sunk by a Jap - suicide sub with but 5 survivors.
July 26 Arrived Calicoan.
July 27 1000. Anchored in vicinity of WHITNEY (Repair ship) in San Pedro Bay.
July 31 Underway with DELOACH (DE586) escorting tanker WINOOSKI to refuel convoy of small amphibious craft enroute Okinawa.
Aug 2 Found convoy of LCT's and LSIL's in perfect formation, escorted by DE JOHNSON, having survived a typhoon in great shape. Took over command of escort and commenced fueling the convoy.
Aug 7 Arrived Buckner Bay, Okinawa.
Aug 8 Departed Okinawa for Leyte as Screen Commander of 4 DE's in company.
Aug 9 Assisted in Hunter-Killer operations.
Aug 12 Arrived Calicoan for fuel and supplies' shifted to San Pedro Bay. Anchored off Tolosa. LT Berry became Executive Officer as LCDR Sent was detached to take command o f USS LOESER (DE680) .
Aug 14 Japanese surrendered!
Aug 17 Underway for Manila with one other DE. No more darkened ship!
Aug 18 Arrived Manila.
Aug 19 Underway escorting a transport to Lingayen Gulf.
Aug 20 Arrived Lingayen, turned around to return to Manila.
Aug 21 Proceeded to assist ship in distress off Corregidor. Arrived Manila.
Aug 22 Anchored in Subic Bay.
Aug 31 Underway with 5 DE's for Okinawa.
Sept 4 Arrived Naha, Okinawa, having been delayed by a typhoon one day.
Sept 7 Anchored in Buckner Bay. Crew granted liberty.
Sept 8 Underway for Jinsen, Korea.
Sept 11 Arrived Jinsen. Battle cruisers ALASKA & GUAH present. Departed with DE359 for Dairen, China.
Sept 12 Investigated small craft . Arrived Dairen, Manchuria.
Sept 13 Departed Dairen escorting APA145 carrying freed prisoners of war. Rough seas.
Sept 14 Sighted mine.. Sank by gunfire.
Sept 15 Sighted mine. Sank by gunfire.
Sept 16 Arrived Naha, Okinawa. Set Condition "A". Typhoon in area. Released APA145 to await orders. Proceeded westward ride out storm.
Sept 17 Riding out storm. Intercepted message that APA145 hit mine flooding forward engine room. Arrived Okinawa.
Sept 29 Typhoon warning. Proceeded out of harbor. Returned to anchor at Shima Wan, Okinawa.
Oct 7 Underway in typhoon.
Oct 11 After riding out the storm for 3 days returned to Shima Wan, Okinawa. Underway for Hong Kong escorting USS WHITNEY (AD14) .
Oct 13 Passing Formosa (Taiwan) .
Oct 14 Arrived Hong Kong.
Oct 20 Anchored at Iwo Jima to refuel.
Oct 25 Crossed International Date Line.
Oct 26 Arrived Midway.
Oct 27 Departed Midway.
Oct 30 Arrived Pearl Harbor, Oahu,T.H.
Oct 3l Underway for San Diego.

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