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98 Reunion

We have just finished newsletter # 61, if you wish a
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I’m back and on the job again. My right knee replacement was a success and I feel good. The aftermath of the operation was terrible and I was convinced that I would not get thc other one done. Since then I have changed my mind and find it necessary to have the left knee replacement.

With the dad news I have been getting recently it only makes me realize that the end is getting closer so we should enjoy ourselves while we can. Therefore I have decided to have another reunion this year. I know I said that last year was going to he the 9th and final reunion. However after thinking about the time going by so fast for us and after we had such a great time in Atlantic Citv I changed my mind.

Before I go on telling you about the reunion I will give you the bad and good news about our shipmates, lohn Focht, the radio-tech. we had just found last September died in February. He had a knee replacement that didn’t work out too well, then a stroke. which killed him. John Kieff passed away in March; his wife Alma (such a wonderful person) will miss him very much. William Lane and his wife Jean would very much like to attend one of our reunions, but they do not travel any longer. They both have medical problems and are grateful to have good friends and relatives to help them out. Jim (Red) Hedderman writes that he is determined to make thc next reunion. It all depends on the outcome of his next and seventh spine surgery. He often thinks of all his shipmates and sure would like to see them. Good news is that Dora and Bill Young are well enough this year to come to the reunion. Harold Hahn is now well enough to go too, although Madeline is still having her ups A downs. You will notice I am trying to save space by running everything together because this will be a heavy mailing. Trying to keep the cost down.

This year the reunion will be held at the Holiday Inn-Boardwalk in Atlantic City on September 9th to 12th. Letting you know this early will give you plenty of time to prepare for the trip.

Please do not throw this newsletter aside act now before it gets lost.

The Holiday Inn-Boardwalk is the finest full service, non-gaming Boardwalk hotel in Atlantic City. It is located on the boardwalk, which is perfect for walking or jogging (ha!ha!) on the beach, shopping and casinos. It is adjacent to the Tropicana Hotel Casino and the Hilton AC Casino. The airport is just 15 minutes away. There is easy access to all major highways. The 3-night reunion package is described with the enclosed reservation form. I have blocked off only 15 rooms this year, but hoping that we will have plenty more rented. The cut-off date for reservations is August 9th. I urge everyone that wishes to go book his or her room now and early. If something comes up later and you can’t make it, you can cancel your reservations 48 hours prior to your arrival. Although I have sent information about the reunion earlier than usual, I beg you not to put them aside and forget them. Fill it out and send it early. Let me know when you do.

3 Night Reunion Package
(Each person receives)

Deluxe Accommodations for Three (3) Nights
Complimentary Hospitality Room
Welcome Reception
Banquet Dinner
A Private Buffet Breakfast at Holiday Inn
Up to $30 in Coin Bonus
Buffet Dinner at Local Casino Hotel
A Fabulous Casino Revue ’Show (If available)
Souvenir Gift
All Taxes and Gratuities
Coupons for Scribbles Cafe Restaurant

CLICK HERE for Reservation Form

Last year we had a great reunion, let’s have a better one this year. It is a great price for what you get. Last year I only paid for one breakfast and two lunches, the rest was in the package deal. Early arrivals and late departures are explained in the enclosed sheets. If at all possible would you let me know whether you intend to go to the reunion by July 9th? Either call me or write to me as soon as possible. July 9th is my cut-off date for canceling the reunion or l lose my deposit money. Hearing from enough of you will tell me that enough rooms will be rented. Anyone having any questions or need more information writes me or call me at 781-279-0565, Fax is 781-279-4393, E-mail is ussmetivier@comcast.net. Did you notice I didn’t mention anything about your dues, which is due for this year?

The reason we are meeting after these many years is the comradeship and sociability in the hospitality room. For years we had our reunions at different cities where we took tours and did other things, but most fun was had in the hospitality room. So let’s relax and have fun. Everyone that lets me know they are going will get a notice of what will be going on in the hospitality room.

CLICK HERE for Reservation Form

All of you stay well and Bless you!
Dick MacDonald

PS: Just got news that Ed Unkle hit the Power Ball lotterv for quite a large some of money. He intends on sharing it with all those that attend the reunion this year. Maybe he’ll buy a ship and we can all go sailing again.

Copyright 1998 - 2004 Dick Mac Donald