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#39 -- December, 1997

I just happened to pick up an old photo album today. Upon opening it I was faced with photos of Marilyn and Paul Roessler, Freda and Bill Simmermon sitting around the pool down in Largo, Florida at our condo. Right away that triggered my memory that I haven't written the newsletter after our latest get-together.

Well, I'll tell you that was a great reunion get-together and so inexpensive for what we received and enjoyed. Our providers must of lost money on the deal they gave us. We had 41 persons in attendance this time, wish we had more. A list of those attending is included in the enclosed report by our faithful secretary, Joyce Mooney.

There is really not much news to tell you except you missed a wonderful time at Niagara Falls. The Falls were just beautiful to see. Our meals were extra special, good and fancy. The hospitality room was busy with plenty of action and loaded with entertainment. Open bar and loads to eat. We all felt sorry the rest of our shipmates were not there.

We were very sorry to hear that Ed Unkle's wife passed away shortly after our Niagara Falls mini reunion.

A few people at the reunion caught up on the payment of their DUES. Have you? We wish to thank the many generous persons at the get together that donated to the treasury to pay for the open bar and goodies. Some were extra generous.

A few of us purchased a beautifully built replica of the USS Metivier DE582 that were built by Ed Unkle and brought to the reunion . I bought one myself and it is on top of my desk . It's three feet long and sure does bring back memories every time I look up. Ed will make you one if you call him, of course, for a price.

We are sorry that some of you couldn't get to the last function. Here are some of the reasons why our regulars couldn't make it. Irene and Phil Cioffi wishes everyone chip in so they could buy a new car, in that way maybe they could get to the reunions. Ben and Polly Bryon were not feeling too good, but wished they could have. John and Annette Bauerschmidt had made other plans before we gave them our plans. Wayne Davis was recovering from a hernia operation, according to June. Larry Dougherty broke his leg, says Marylue. Bill and Evaline Kearton came even if Bill was sick. Maybe next time every one will feel better and be with us again.

We intend to have our 7th annual Florida luncheon sometime in March next year. All are invited, just let me know. Hopefully we will be able to get Bill and Dora Young down for it this time as they missed the last one. Next years reunion has not been decided as yet. The possibility of having it in Ohio as discussed is now out. So start saving your money. Cash your cans and bottles in and put the money away.

Anyone who has a computer get in touch with me, My E-mail address is somewhere in this newsletter. Get yourself into computers as it is fascinating and amazing. I have been hearing from Bill Simmermon's Son over the internet quite a bit lately through the E-mail system. I used to get E-mail from Doug Hanlon's Son in law, however, I haven't heard from him in a long time and my E-mail to him always is returned. What has happened'?

Bill and Freda Simmermon vacation in Florida now. He is only a few miles from John Mooney who lives there all year. I hope to visit John's place this winter, I understand it is a very interesting place. He even has walking fish in his pond. Lou and Geneva Hogue have already gone to Florida for the winter. Lucky them. Marilyn and Paul Roessler have gotten themselves a condo at the Bardmoor Country Club in Seminole, Fl. for the month of March this winter. That's great, another couple for the Florida luncheon. From the looks of things it is going to be a big luncheon day. Ernie and Libby Kray of Largo, Florida have the grapefruit ready, we will be on our way shortly. In their backyard they have the best tasting grapefruit.

We have heard that Hap Bartels had another grandchild recently. This makes number 26. He's a winner. The news is that even after Joe DeCristofaro had an emergency gallbladder operation he is still chasing the girls around. Imagine at age 81, he has got to stop sometime.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and the committee wishes you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving. Please don't get sick stuffing yourselves. Did I happen to mention that we need your dues for this year?

Again it is time for the MacDonalds to go South where the Snowbirds go. We plan to leave the Saturday after Christmas this year. A month later than last year. We are sure looking forward to our trip down, getting out of this cold and snow days will be super. Until then, if you have anything you wish to let us know I will be at the following address until Christmas. 1 Stonehill Dr. Apt. 5K - Stoneham, Ma. 02180. Phone -1-781-279-0565, Fax-1-781-279-4393, E-Mail - DE582@aol.com

We will be at the following address from January to May. 11945 143rd St. No. Largo, Florida 33774 - Phone 1-813-596-5434,- E-Mail -de582@aol.com I am not taking my Fax with me this winter. If you have a chance visit our home page at - http://members.aol.com/de582/index.html.

I wish to announce that my Son, Rick MacDonald from La Jolla, California, in appreciation for the wonderful time he and his wife had at the Niagara Falls reunion has registered on behalf of the USS Metivier shipmates the following World Wide Web DOMAINS. They are: www.ussmetivier.com & www.de582.com

They are now ready for development. If any of you have experience or knows someone or knows a family friend who has experience in web site development please let us know, We could sure use the help in building and creating a USS Metivier world wide web site. The development of a USS Metivier web site has exciting potential of linking us all together from the comfort of our home. As we spend most of the year apart this would give us access to the pictures, articles, etc. rather than seeing these things once a year at reunions.

Everyone will have the ability to log onto the internet and see all of our World War 2 pictures, - reunion pictures and articles we usually have at our Hospitality Rooms anytime they want. We could even have pictures of ourselves while we were in the service and the way we look now. It has great and exciting potential. At the present time the DOMA1NS are under construction until something is done with them.

By this time I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families. As you can see I never finished this until after Thanksgiving. As the Holiday season approaches Dora, Bill, Ruth and I ,as your committee, wish you and your families a most HOLY & MERRY CHMSTMAS and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Remember yesterday is history - tomorrow is a mystery - today is a GIFT.

Dora & Bill Young and Ruth & Dick MacDonald

Copyright 1998 - 2004 Dick Mac Donald