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#40 -- February 1998

Well, Ruth and I finally arrived in Florida on January 13th, out of the cold and bad weather up North. A three and a half days drive with no problems on the way down. The weather in Florida this year in January is not as good as usual, but better than up North.

I'll be here until the first week in May trying to figure out where we will have the next reunion in September. As relayed to you in the last newsletter, we all had a terrific time at the last reunion. We will also have a good time at the next one. In fact, if really doesn't matter where we have it, the fun part is being all together.

I have decided on the Florida luncheon for this year. It will be held on Wednesday March 4th. those that intend to come this year will have to call me and let me know (813-596-5434). Try to let me know before Feb. 22nd then when I decide where it will be held and the number of people I will let you know via telephone or mail where and how to get there. I believe we will be having some new shipmates at this years luncheon. Hap Bartels, Paul Skinner, Paul Roessler and Ben Bryon have intentions of coming this year. The regulars at the luncheon are John Moorey, John Kieff, Ernie Kray, Bill Simmermon, Lou Hogue, and myself. We will be glad to see new faces. Bill and Dora Young will be coming to visit Ruth and I just in time. They will arrive on the 3rd of March. l hope that Joe DeCristofaro gets a chance to come down at that time to visit his daughter in Clearwater so he'll be at the luncheon too.

Unfortunately I have not heard from anyone regarding my appeal for help to find someone that can construct and develop our two World Wide Web Domains on the internet that my Son donated to us.

  • wvvw.ussmetivier.com
  • wvw.de582.com

For us to hire someone it would cost up to a thousand dollars and maybe more. Of course, we do not have that kind of money in the treasury, therefore we need volunteers to help. If you krew of someone, please, let us know. It seems a shame and a waste if they are not constructed and developed. Also a great loss to us shipmates. Please review what I wrote in the last newsletter #39 for what it could do for us. Especially for someone like Sam Olson who can not leave home to attend reunions and others that are housebound. They could see on the internet all the pictures and stories about the USS Metivier by just clicking to our sites. See what you can do to find someone that can do that type of work.

I have been in contact via E-mail on the Internet with the following shipmates. Here are their addresses in case you would like to send them a message.

  • Sam Olson -- ojackie orldnet.att.net
  • John Mooney -- moonje@aol.com
  • John Kieff -- arkieff@email.msn.com
  • Myself -- de582@aol.com

Nancy I am sending this in 2 parts cause It is getting crosseyed and l don't krow how to fix it so I got to start over and make are5er e-mail for you.


I have been working on two different possible sites for our next reunion in September. One is a little North of Boston near Salem, Ma. where the witches were in the old days. Lots to do in that area. The other is in Atlantic City. l am negotiating for a good package deal like the one we had in Niagara Falls, just one complete price. We'll see what happens which will be relayed to you later. Let me know if you have any feed back on this.

Do I have to mention dues again'? You guys know if you owe, if not call Dora. Please help Dora by sending her your dues as soon as possible. That's the only way we can get these newsletters out to you. Please help!

Haven't got much news for you this newsletter. I have not heard from you fellows. You know my address and phone number mentioned in the last newsletter. Use it to give me news.

Freda and Bill Simmermon have just returned from a cruise which they enjoyed. Sam Olson who is confined at home as he only has 10% breathing on his own, needs oxegen for the rest. He would really like to hear from his shipmates. He thinks of you guys all the time.

I guess that's it for this newsletter. Come on down for the Florida luncheon, but let me know. "A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor."

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