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#41 -- May 1998

Okay, so I didn't get the newsletter out when I said I would in April. The weather in Florida the first three months was one of the worst Winters they have had. April was such a beautiful month l got caught up in the good weather so much that I forgot about the newsletter and enjoyed the Sun and the pool. Now that I am home and still unpacking I will start the newsletter. The trip up the coast was terrible, through rain and fog all the way. Finally we saw the Sun after twelve days of dreary weather in and around Boston.

Whenever going to Florida or coming home I always think of Peg and Paul Skinner. About 5 or 6 years ago we happened to meet them on the highway (I-95) while passing Skipper, Virginia. We both pulled over and had a little chat until it started to rain, The 7 annual Florida luncheon was another great success for our shipmates. It was held at the Olive Garden at Largo Mall, Fl. Those attending were Alma & John Kieff, Libby & Ernie Kray, Joyce & John Mooney, Freda & Bill Simmermon, Geneva & Lou Hogue, Marilyn & Paul Roessler, Joe Duggan, and Ruth & Dick MacDonald. Those having intentions of being there this year were Polly & Ben Bryon, Peg & Paul Skinner, Catherine & Hap Bartels, Ed Unkle, and Dora & Bill Young. Unfortunately they missed out on a great time, but they all had good reasons for not being there. Back at our condo we had a big cake, coffee, and drinks. We were also pleased by a visit from my Aunt Jannette MacDonald who brought along Nelson Eddy. They sang a number of songs for us like they used to when they were both in the movies. A good time was had by all, maybe next year we may have more join us at these Florida luncheons.

Ruth and I were thrilled to have Marilyn & Paul Roessler spend the month of March in a condo close to us in Florida this winter. We enjoyed good times together. Freda & Bill spent the winter close to Joyce & John Mooney this year in Punta Gorda, Fl. They liked it so much they purchased a place of their own for next year. They should be passing papers in June . It seems everybody is coming to Florida.

Marilyn, Paul, Ruth and I drove over to visit with Joyce, John, Freda and Bill at Mooney's home for the day. We had a wonderful time together. That John Mooney has some great place there. He built a special huge garage ( Barn) to store his TOYS consisting of 2 big boats, 3 racing cars, 7 motorcycles, 4 riding lawn mowers, a regular mower, bicycles, engines, generators, and many more things I can't seem to remember. It was an amazing thing to see. This is why Bill Simmermon likes being near John Mooney as they both like to tinker around these sort of things.

Just want to say thanks to Libby & Ernie Kray for sharing their grapefruit tree with us this year. They grow the most delicious grapefruit in Florida: we ate grapefruit for four months, at least 4 a day. They are so juicy and sweet, WOW I'd love some right now. Thanks you again, Ernie.

This is the part of the newsletter I do not like to report. We are deeply sorry about the death of Sam Olson this past winter. We were just getting to know each other better through the E-mail on the Internet. In the last newsletter I told you about him and gave you his E-mail address. If you are interested in the obituary of Sam, let me know and I will send you a copy. He was quite an important person before he became sick. Ben Bryon's wife Polly has not been feeling well this winter. Her health is fragile and deteriorating, therefore were unable to go to Florida this winter. Our very own Dora Young has been on the sick list all winter, but has been feeling better lately. Ed Unkle's wife Laura passed away shortly after our last reunion at Niagara Falls. She had been sick for a long time, but we are sorry to hear of her death.

Just a little reminder about your dues that we need. Please send it to Dora Young as soon as possible. This is a new year starting in May.

Now we will get to the news you have been waiting for, OUR NEXT REUNION.

G This year I have signed a contract for a package deal for our reunion at Atlantic City for September 14'", 15'", 16, check-out on the 17'" unless you wish to stay longer.

The package deal we had at Niagara Falls was so good I tried negotiations on this reunion in Atlantic City. I believe we got another good deal this time too, considering we do not have a large group of shipmates that come to the reunion that we can make better deals with. The larger the rooms rented the better deal we can bargain for. I have blocked off 25 rooms this time in hopes that they will be filled by you shipmates, family, and friends.

It will take place at the finest full service, non-gaming Boardwalk hotel in Atlantic City. Some of the key features at the "Holiday Inn Boardwalk" are: 220 Deluxe guest rooms with Oceanview, Coffee Makers and Hair Dryers in all rooms, Scribbles Cafe Restaurant for breakfast, lunch, dinner, Room Service, Scribbles Cafe lounge cocktail hour offering nightly complimentary Hors D'oeuvres, Complimentary indoor self or valet parking, Walk the Boardwalk, try your luck at the casinos & enjoy fabulous dining, A shopping, Seasonal outdoor pool and terrace, Terrace for outside entertaining poolside and oceanfront are available.

A special room rate of $69.00, per room, per night, plus tax will be given to guests arriving prior to the reunion or staying after the reunion, The hotel's check-in time is 3;00 PM. Room assignments prior to that time are on an availability basis only. The hotel's check-out time is 11:00 AM. AFTER THE CUT-OFF DATE OF AUGUST 14, 1998, the Holiday Inn Boardwalk can not guarantee the special group rate. However they will continue to accept reservations after the cut-off date on a space available basis only. These rates may revert back to their prevailing rack rates.

The hotel is located on the Boardwalk. Perfect for walking or jogging (Ha! Ha!) on the beach, shopping, and casinos. They are adjacent to the Tropicana Hotel Casino and the Hilton Atlantic City Casino. The Atlantic City International Airport is just 15 minutes away . Also easy access to all major highways.

The price is coming up soon, but here is what I negotiated for as a package deal. It includes the following:

  • Deluxe Accommodations for three (3) Nights
  • Complimentary Hospitality Room if our blocked off rooms are picked up
  • Welcome reception
  • Banquet Dinner
  • Private Buffet Breakfast
  • A Surf and Turf Dinner Buffet at Hilton A.C. Casino
  • Up to $30.00 in Coin Bonuses per person
  • A Fabulous Casino Revue Show
  • Coupons for Shopping at Ocean One Mall
  • Souvenir Gift
  • All Taxes and Gratuities
  • Coupons for Scribbles Cafe Restaurant

****Casino package is subject to change, based on the casino schedule.****

Now the price for all this is: Single $323.00 - Double $205.00 - Triple $183.00 - per person

How about that? The difference between this and the Niagara Falls package deal is only $50.00 per person. Your committee will decide on the entrees for the banquet dinner which will be a choice of two entrees.

These will be announced in our next newsletter, The Get-acquainted Party and the Breakfast Buffet have been decided and they look good. It has not been decided if we will have a least one tour. In the next newsletter we will explain more details on registration, tours, choice of entrees, etc. When you receive the hotel registration cards, please make them out as quickly as possible.

To me it seems to be a good deal, We are not in a gambling casino hotel if you are not a gambler, however, if you like gambling you can go next door and do your thing. I just hope most of you come, bring your families and friends. Enjoy yourselves and fill up those 25 rooms I have blocked off and more if possible.

If you have gotten into computers since the last newsletter here are some of your shipmates E-mail address.

If you have any news, old or new, please write or call me. Haven't been getting much news lately. Ed Unkle's son makes the neatest envelopes with a picture of DE-582 covering the front side of the envelope. If you are interested let ED Unkle or myself know and we will give you the information. That's about it until the next newsletter unless Dora Young has something to add.

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