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#42 -- November 1998

I realize it has been a long time between newsletters. I have been holding off hoping I would be impeached and someone else would have to take over. At the last reunion I tried to step down again as Chairman however, no one would take over. l really don't want the organization to go down the tubes so here I am still.

If you missed the last reunion at the Holiday Inn-Boardwalk in Atlantic City, you missed a great one. Everyone will agree it was the greatest. The price was right and probably won't be duplicated again. For what we received for the price we paid was a sin. The rooms were nice and antiquate, the meals were superb, the hospitality room was full of fun and presents, and the casinos even gave us money to play with or put in our pockets. A report on the reunion is enclosed from our very capable secretary Joyce Mooney.

We are very sorry those that didn't come to this reunion will be able to come to the next one. Next year 1999, there will be no official reunion but rather a weekend get together as we have done in the past. Where that will be or when that will be is unknown at this time. You will be informed in a newsletter at a later date.

For your information I have been offered a package deal which includes 3 days for deluxe Hotel accommodations, welcome cocktail reception, hospitality room, and one dinner banquet. At the price of $99.00 per person. How about that one? Any comments? "Oh where?" At the Oasis Resort Hotel & Casino, Mesquuite, Nevada. They even have golf and horseback riding for us. Or would you rather go to Branson, Missouri?

We wish to thank all those people from family and friends of shipmates that came to the Atlantic City reunion for making the event most enjoyable. We hope they enjoyed themselves and will come again to our social affairs.

Remember dues were due for the year beginning last May. The money collected is to support the expenses of the Newsletter and other mailing expenses.

We would like to congratulate Edward Henry Unkle on his joining the Tin Can Sailors Association. He is number 22344. This association is open to all destroyer shipmates. Anyone wishing to join, let me know and I will send you an application. Also we encourage you to join the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association. I also have applications for this worthwhile group.

Doris Parker reports that she did an in depth research of one of our shipmates, Chifton Dalley, After a lot of work she finally got news back that he had died ten years ago.

We haven't received much news from our shipmates since the reunion except the praises from a lot of people who attended. They let us know how great the reunion was.

If you have any news at all let us know. Write Dora or myself. Maybe even an announcement that one of you shipmate's wives are having a baby or something.

At the reunion I gave out my Son Rick's business cards to everyone. I asked if you had a chance to send a small note thanking him for giving and supporting our USS Metivier website. If you haven't done so please find time to do so now, thanks. Remember our website is: http://members.aol.com/de582/

Let it be known to your friends that have a computer, our website. Since we have had our website I have gotten E-mail from shipmates of the DE581 and DE58O telling me how great it was. Destroyer Escort Sailors Assoc. has told me it was the neatest website they had seen. It is worth buying a computer just to see your picture back in 1944 and 1945 on the Internet.

If anyone has intentions of attending our Florida Luncheon this winter, please let me know so I can let you know where and when it will be. I am sure the Florida shipmates will welcome you with open arms. I can hardly wait to get down to Florida and taste Ernie and Libby Kray's grapefruit in their backyard.

Congratulations to the Roesslers on the birth of another grandchild. A nice little girl. I'm not sure but I think that is number 28 grandchildren for them. Boy, they produced some hot children.

The committee wishes a very happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving Day for you, your family and friends.


Monday 9/l4/98

First off we must say to all of you who did not attend, we missed your companionship and you missed a great reunion. Shipmates in attendance were: Bartels. Bauerenschmidt, Cioffi, Colbath, Dougherty, Hahn, Hogue, Mooney, Parker, Roessler, Skinner, Unkle, Gritln, MacDonald, Simmermon and Young Guests attending were, Helen and Craig Mitchell, friends of the Bartels; Ed Unkle's daughters Laura Deese and Deb Huntsberg; Ruth MacDonald's Sisters, Carolyn King and Margaret Maasbyll; Ellie and Bob Connors friends of the MacDonalds; the Hogue's Son Keith and his wife; Bev and Vernon Nye, friends of the Doughertys. The Duggans, Peg and Joe had planned to attend but Joe suffered a heart attack just a couple days before the meeting. We all arrived a few at a time and found our accommodations to be very comfortable. The hospitality room was very adequate of all our needs. A lovely welcome reception was provided by with tasty sandwiches and snacks, this was held from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Those who wanted to a dinner went out on their own and others relaxed.

A business meeting was called to order at 9:00 PM

First on the agenda was a review of the planed events of the reunion. Mr. Mac thanked all who came and noted that we had booked 25 rooms but only filled 23 Guests were introduced and news was shared regarding others in your group. Polly Bryant had passed away a few months ago and Joe Duggan (an adopted shipmate) has had a heart attack. June and Wayne Davis has had a 55 High School reunion and they had to attend since they were class officers, we will see them next time. Tin Can Sailors Association donated gifts to be distributed at our banquet. We appreciate their generosity very much. They also promised to feature a write up about our reunion in their newsletter. Ed Unkle told us about his volunteer work on the Liberty Ships. He works on them two days a week, if you are interested in getting involved he has all the information you would need about the projects. Marilyn Roessler will run a Fun & Frolic this evening after the meeting. Peg Skinner is selling raffle tickets, the prize is one of Ed Unkle's models of our beloved DE-582.

We are very fortunate to have received a beautiful Web Site as a gift from the MacDonald's Son Rick. A thank you note was distributed for signatures. You can find your Metivier Web Page at http://members.aol.com/de582/ The meeting adjourned at 9:5O PM. Irene Cioffi called out birthdays and anniversaries for the month of September and gave out a few gag gifts. Marilyn then conducted a Yankee Swap. The star prize was a Bullwinkle, a plush toy, he had many owners a short period of time.

Tuesday 9/15/98 After breakfast on our own, we all gathered in the lobby to await the arrival of our coach, that took us on a fabulous tour of Cape May. Our driver took us all around town and down to the point. We then returned to downtown Cape May and made our way to the Pilot House for a light lunch followed by a walk through an open air shopping mall. We returned to the coach and back to Atlantic City via the coastal route through Longport. Margate (the home of Lucy Margate elephant), and Ventner. Back in AC, we went to the home featured on ' Datehne" which Donald Trump wanted to have condemned so he could have the property to expand a parking lot. The owner had refused to sell and won a court battle to keep her house. Back at our hotel we received our tickets for dinner at the Hilton's Cornucopia Room and a show at Bally's. This evening we walked over to the Hilton, for our buffet dinner which everyone enjoyed. After supper we cashed in our vouchers for $20.00. Did yours grow or go'?

At 6:15 we boarded a bus to Bally's Park Place Casino where we received another $10.00 voucher and we were entertained with a great show called "Legends"; Impersonators played the roles of Neil Diamond, Charles Daniels, Madonna, The Blue Brothers and Elvis Presley. It was a good Show.

Wednesday 9/16/98

This day you were on your own to go site seeing, gamble, shop or whatever was your pleasure until we met for our banquet dinner at 6:30 PM. We opened the dinner with reading of the names of our departed comrades and a prayer led by Harold Hahn and the flag salute led by John Mooney. Everyone enjoyed their meal and the fun and games afterward were great.

Thursday 9/17/98

The hotel chef outdid himself with a lovely breakfast buffet which we all enjoyed. Then the time to say farewell until next time and wish all a safe return on their journeys home.

Copyright 1998 - 2004 Dick Mac Donald