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#43 -- April 1999

I bet you thought I ran away. It has been so long since the last newsletter. A lot has happened since then. Might as well get the bad stuff out of the way al first. As many of you at the last reunion saw, my wife Ruth had very little use of her right arm and hand. In the first week of December a neurosurgeon at the Massachusetts General Hospital operated on her because a nerve from her brain was pressing against her spine. The operation was done high up on the back of hcr oeck. 1t was a successful operation. She then went to rehab for a couple of weeks and was sent home on New Years Eve While home for a couple of weeks I fovnd rnyself going downhill trying to take care of her. One night she couldn't breath so 911 was called. They took her to the emergency room and found that her lungs were filled with fluid. In the hospital for three more weeks they found that her kidneys were functioning less than 10%. That meant she would have to go on a dialysis machine three times a week for the rest of her life. She had five operations to do with putting the shunt in her arms and neck for the dialysis. This has left her other arm and hand with no feeling and dead. Those places didn't work. They finally inserted the shunt in her chest. She is presently at a nursing home where a chair car ambulance takes her every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to a Dialysis Center for treatment. Hopefully when she learns how to walk with a walker, be able to get in and out of bed, she'll be able to come home. My time has been spent taking care of myself, the apartment and visiting her each day at the nursing home. This kind of curtails other things I would like to do and have to do. Now you have the whole story of why I have been lax at writing the newsletter.

As long as I am writing the sick list first I will continue to tell you that Bill Young was recently released from the hospital. Bill suffered a stroke only a few days after he got home from a months vacation in Florida. We are so glad that it didn't happen while on vacation. He is doing fairly well with the wonderful loving care from Dora.

It was noticed by Bill Young that another shipmate of ours, which we were unable to find before, had joined DESA ( Destroyers Escort Sailors Assoc.). At the present time I am trying to find out from DESA how I can get in touch with him. Does anyone remember the name, Ivan Gennis??? We will get him on the newsletter list, also to come to the reunions. You guys will have a ball with someone new at reunions.

If those of you that are on the internet, you will notice that t haven't been able to change our web site since the reunion. That will be my next project to update the information. However we are still catching people that are surfing the internet. I heard from Robert Walker, the son of Buel Walker who was surfing the net and found us. Buel Walker was a Yeoman on our ship, He died many years ago. His son Robert sent me his picture and I recognized him for sure. He also sent me a copy of his father's diary. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down, it was so interesting. It brought a lot of memories back. I believe he must have come aboard after we made the two trips to North Africa. Nothing was mentioned about those trips in his dairy, Next time we meet I will bring it with me.

P Unfortunately Ruth and l were not able to go to Florida this year. I sure missed the people l know there and Erie Kray s grapefruit tree. Also the annual Florida luncheon reunion. Sorry fellows from Florida that I didn't get it together this year. There was a possibility that John Mooney may have taken over and had one in my place, I hope so.

As you all know that it was decided at the last reunion that there would be no big reunion this year. Instead we are going to have a weekend get together like we have had in the past. Where or when has not been decided. We will let you know later. Any suggestions??? Who mould like to set it up???

Chickie and Jim Griffin were at the nursing home to visit my wife the other day. Jim is still working for the electric company and loves working in his Golden Years. The last snow storm we had here in Massachusetts he was sent to Cape Cod to help in the emergency there.

Hap Bartels writes that he had sent Christmas cards to both Fay Baukol and Jack Young, but they were returned because forwarding orders had expired. Where are they now??? Please report in to Dora Young or myself your new address if any. By the way, Kay Bartels had sent Ruth a pair of booties to wear at the nursing home . She makes them for the hospital in her hometown. Thank you very much, Kay.

It is getting closer to May when the new year begins for your DUES. If you haven't paid for last year 1998, please do so before the next yearly dues is due in May for 1999. Send to Dora Young our wonderful treasurer.

Does anyone have any news to pass on via newsletter? If so, lei us hear from you. The following shipmates have computers and are on the internet. If you care to keep in touch with them or just to say hello. Send them an E-mail to anyone listed below.

Sam Oison's wife Jackie- -ojackie@worldnet.att.net
John Mooney - moonjje(@aol.com
John Kieff - - arkieff@email.msn.corn
Dick MacDonald--de582@mediaone.net
Dick Belden---joyce247@juno.com

lvan Gennis was found, I talked to him via phone and he can travel to reunions. If he comes you guys will have a ball with all our large pictures. He was a electronics technician and came aboard at Leyte. Maybe some will remember him. To help you remember, when we got back to San Diego he fell overboard. Anyone remember? He now lives at 3S52 Altomont, Carmichael, CA 95608. Telephone # 916-944-1667. He had a computer, E-mail is gennis9@aol.com

I guess that is it for this newsletter. Don't forget check our web site every once in awhile. http://members.aol.com/de582/

Peace be with all of you!

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