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#44 -- September 1999

Dear Shipmate:

Hope you all had a wonderful and happy summer. Fall brings us the changing of seasons, the leaves on the trees turn to beautiful bright colors. Hope you're all able to get out, take a ride and enjoy the beauty of the fall. Usually we would all be together again this month like in past years, however I really didn't have the time, even to have a weekend get together. Possibly next year for sure a reunion. Save your money as prices have gone up.

I am home mostly all the time taking care of my wife, Ruth. As you know in the last newsletter that Ruth was in the nursing home. Spent 4 months there until she came home. It is like a nursing home at home. She still has to go to dialysis three times a week for the rest of her life. So it is kind of hard for us to travel or go any place, but it can be done with advance preparation. She has been taken to the hospital four times since she has been home. Thank God for the lifeline button to call 911. She is feeling fine, but not improving. She mostly sits and watches T/V until it is time to go to dialysis. Ruth uses a walker, but only can walk about 25 yards if that. Such a life from what we use to do. We have to remember that these are the good old golden years.

Dora has brought Bill Young back to his normal self, since he had his stroke. She did this with tender loving care. Bill and Dora are both feeling fine now.

Paul Skinner has recovered nicely from his gall bladder operation. Paul's wife Peg is such a wonderful, caring, loving person no wonder he is feeling well.

We really haven't heard too much news from anyone. Sometimes it is a good thing. It shows that everyone is healthy and alive.

We did hear from Larry Dougherty and MaryLue saying they had a good time at the last reunion in Atlantic City. Wayne and Ruth Strong are again spending time this summer with their Son in Alaska. Joe and Sylvia Young are doing good for their age, so they say. Although traveling in the future doesn't look too promising Carl and Dottie Colbath said they had a good time at Atlantic City. Why wouldn't they. I heard that Carl hit it very big there. Dottie spends the summer at their vacation home at the beach, but sometimes she would rather stay at home.

Ruth and I never made it to Florida this past winter. We are sorry we missed getting the Florida Annual Luncheon together for the Florida shipmates this winter. It was always a great time to see and mingle with them. Also we missed eating Ernie Kray's beautiful grapefruit. I am not sure yet whether we will be down next winter for the get together. My doctor has postponed my knee replacement from September to November or December. Therefore I am not sure what the winter will bring for us.

Before I forget, Ruth and I would like to again thank all those who have sent cards, flowers, and prayers for Ruth's recovery. I hope that if some one is up North passing through or near Boston that they would give us a call on the phone so we may be able to get together.

I understand that Joe De ha moved closer to his friend Jean. They still travel a lot together. Paul and Marilyn Roessler are enjoying their new home they built in California, Kentucky. Paul is still cleaning the land around his new home for a nine hole golf course.

Jack Rider gave me a call asking how Ruth was. We haven't heard from Jack for a long time up in New Hampshire. He seems to be fine, but doesn't travel too much.

It's hard to believe, but while writing this newsletter I kept on thinking about Morty Brown. Remember we used to say to him "What color is SH-T" and some one else would yell "Brown". Brown always claimed he had a Night Club in Jersey. He must have had some kind of a connection because a BUD beer truck came up the pier one day before we left for the Pacific and loaded many cases of beer onto the Metivier. That is why we were issued two cans of beer each when we went over to the island for a few hours liberty. Warm beer. You lost most of it when you punched a hole in it with your knife. Remember when??? By the above, you can see that I need news to enable me to write a newsletter. Are any of you shipmates having a new baby??? If so let me know so others can share your happiness.

Hate to bring this up, but the 1999 dues are due since May. Please send your dues to Dora Young as soon as possible.

Have any of you that have computer been in touch with other shipmates that have them via E-mail?? Let me know at de582@mediaone.net

Fay and Argyle Baukol owe me an E-mail as they are online now. Their address is Pfabsox41@webtv.net in case you wish to contact him.

I guess that is it from this busy shipmate. Take care and GOD BLESS!

Copyright 1998 - 2004 Dick Mac Donald