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#45 -- January 2000

In your older years, the time seems to go by so fast. For me it just flew by. This newsletter should have been out to you before Christmas. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and a healthy New Year. With all the sickness going around now, it is hard to avoid getting something... I did on Christmas Day and it lasted two weeks.

I don't know where to start in this newsletter as there is so much to say this time. I will start with myself. I was due to go into the hospital on December 20th for my knee replacement, but I canceled it at the last minute. My primary doctor told me that because of my weight and age it would take me five to six months before I could take care of my wife again. This would mean putting her into a nursing home again. This time she might not come out. My decision was to suffer with the pains or go for the operation and put Ruth in the nursing home. A commitment was made more than 50 years ago, "for better or worse," therefore I went for suffering the pains as long as I can. Ruth is just about the same as last reported in the last newsletter.

Continuing with the difficult news to report. My boss on board the ship in the Radio Shack, Milton Nohowic, writes that he is trying to cope with the passing (October 10) of his dear wife, Margie. We are very sorry that she died of a severe heart attack. Just hang in there, Milt. Hap Bartels wife, Kay, is feeling fine now after being in the hospital for a week with pneumonia. Doris Parker has informed us that husband Doug is still Salmon fishing and playing golf after recovering from prostate surgery. Lou Hogue, wife Geneva is recovering well from her surgery. John Mooney unfortunately had a heart attack last June, but seems to have recovered. He was seen coming home from a tour of Montana recently. I hope I haven't missed anyone else that had health problems. We will all pray that our shipmates will get better and continue to stay healthy in order to gather together at our next reunion.

To my surprise the other night I found my government issue hunting knife. I remember wearing this on my belt all the time. I really don't know why they issued these. Was I supposed to do hand to hand fighting? How many other shipmates have theirs. Let me know.

One of Hap and Kay Bartels Son has adopted a 5-year old from Bulgaria. Now they have 4 granddaughters, 13 grandsons, and one great granddaughter. I wonder if the Roeslers can beat that group. Wayne and June Davis have some nice stationary with the picture on top of the USS Metivier on each sheet. I love it. John and Joyce Mooney were recently gifted with a their 1st great-grandchild. They now have 12 grandchildren and the new great grandchild who were born at Camp Lejune, North Carolina. Bill and Freda have joined the tech age. They have a new computer. Freda loves it and is still trying to figure things out. She relies on her Son Bob and granddaughter for help. Her E-mail address is as follows: fwsimmon@gte.net. Bill is still working on his Model A Ford. Anyone wish to purchase it after he finishes it. Maybe he could auction it off at our next reunion.

Don't think Peg and Paul Skinner will be able to attend the next reunion. It seems they are spending all their money on sending Get Well and Mass Cards every couple weeks to Ruth MacDonald. They certainly are appreciated and we thank Peg and Paul very much. Doug and Doris Parker have a freezer full of Salmon that Doug caught while recovering from his surgery. Maybe we should go visit the Parker's and feast on their Salmon. Not having a reunion last year they decided to go on a tour of the four Islands in Hawaii. They had a marvelous time on all the side trips taken, but did miss us shipmates. Lou and Geneva Hogue bought a new bigger home across from the one they are selling in Bradenton, Florida .Anyone interested? Evidently they are planning to have a bigger family. Good luck to you Lou. Marilyn Roessler has informed me that Paul has decided not to make a nine hole golf course like reported in last newsletter. He is clearing his land to invite the reunion group there for camping, fun and games such as relay races, potato sack and three legged races. He has prizes for all the winners.

Hot off the press is our new updated mailing list with telephone numbers. Anyone interested in getting a copy let us know. We will send you a copy only if your 1999 dues is paid up. Speaking of dues, there are many who have not paid their 1999 dues which was due last May. Please tend to it now as the 2000 dues is almost due which is in May. Send dues to Dora Young 12 Colleen Circle, Billerica, MA. 01821. If this is a hardship on anyone please inform Dora of the situation and you will be excused from dues. When you see the mailing list you will notice that some shipmates have been dropped. The reason being that we never hear from them, they never paid their dues, and they have moved and never gave their forwarding address to the post office.

Now for the good news. Since our last newsletter we have found three shipmates due to our USS Metivier web site on the Internet. They are Russell Abbott, John Moncada, and Jim Hedderman. Remember these shipmates??? John Moncada was on the ship until he was transferred at Subic Bay to go to Fire Control School. Russell Abbott was very glad he found us and is waiting for our next reunion to join us. Jim Hedderman hopes to stay alive for the next reunion as he has had five major heart attacks. Doctors tell him they have never had anyone survive that many. On February 10th he is scheduled to have his 15 operation on his spine. He has worn out the lower part of his spine. Just hopes he makes it to the next reunion as he has loads of stories to tell. The latest shipmates to join us would be a great treat at the hospitality room looking at all the pictures we have.

We have started planning for the reunion already As of now we have three places we are looking at. They are Albany, NY, North Shore of Boston ( Salem, MA.) where the witches are located, and Myrtle Beach, SC. How about letting us know what your preference is. Although it won't matter much but it would be nice to hear from you, It probably be held in September sometime. I am hoping that Joyce Mooney will remain Reunion Secretary. I will need volunteers for "Fun & Frolic" at the hospitality room. Please let me know, we will need about three persons.

I believe I have said enough. Please stay healthy and save your money for the reunion in September. Let me know if you have any news to relay to the troops.

God Bless You ALL

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