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Ship Info
Joseph Erene Henry Metivier, born in Plainfield, Conn. 25 February 1920. Enlisted in the US Navy at New Haven, Conn. 17 September 1940. He was on board the USS EBCRIC (DD 430) when she intercepted the German blockade runner, the Karin, in the South Atlantic 10 March 1943. One of a 14 man boarding party from the EBCRIC attempting to salvage the enemy ship, he was killed when demolition charges set by the Germans exploded. For his exceptional courage and devotion to duty, Coxswain Metivier was posthumously awarded the Silver Star.
  1,450 tons (stand)
  1,650 (Mean War Service)
Length: 306'0" (oa)
Beam: 36'7"
Draft: 11' 3" (max)
2 5"/38 DP
2 40 mm twins
10 20 mm
2 DC tracks
8 single DC projectors
1 multiple DC projector
1 21" TT (triple)
  24 knots (max)
  12 knots (econ)
Max, cruising radius:
  4,500 miles @ 15 knots
  3,300 miles @ 20 knots
Horsepower: 12,000 (shaft)
Drive: twin screw; turbo electric
Fuel: 349 tons (max)
The USS METIVIER was laid down by Bethlehem - Hingham Shipyard Inc., Hingham, Ma. 24 November 1943, launched 12 January 1944, sponsored by Mrs. Joseph Metivier, mother of Coxswain Metivier; and commissioned 7 April 1944. With Lt. Cmdr. Francis Kerman Jr. in Command, the METIVIER departed Boston Navy Yard 3 June 1944 (after a shake down cruise to Bermuda) for Norfolk, Va. Arriving 2 days later for schoolship duty. On the 23rd the METIVIER got underway from Norfolk, escorting a convoy of 91 ships to North Africa, arriving off Bizerte, Tunisia 14 July 1944. In August she returned to the east coast, entering Norfolk channel the 31st. On 1 September 1944 she began another voyage to the Mediterranean, escorting a convoy with destination Palermo, Sicilia. Arriving back at New York 17 October 1944.

Assigned to the 7th Fleet, the METIVIER steamed from Early, N.J., 3 November 44 for New Guinea, via the Panama Canal, Bora Bora, Societies, and Guadalcanal, Solomons, arriving Hollandia, G.G. 11 December 1944. She then began 8 months of escort, supply, patrol, and screen duty. The METIVIER supported the landings at Lingayen Gulf (9 Jan. 45) and Subic Bay (29 Jan. 45) in the Philippines and the invasion of Okinawa beginning 4 May 1945. Among other operations in the South Pacific, Yellow Sea, and South China Sea, ultimately leading to the surrender of Japan, 14 August 45.

Detached from the Philippine Sea Frontier 31 August 1945, the METIVIER got underway with TG 70.3 for Okinawa. Reporting at Buckner Bay 5 Sept. for escort service to and from Jinsen (New Inchon) and Chemulpo, Korea. On the 16 October 1945 the METIVIER steamed for the US coast, via Pearl Harbor, and arriving San Diego, Calif. 8 November 1945, reporting to the 16th (inactive reserve) Fleet there.

Decommissioned 1 June 1946 and in January 1947 entered the Pacific Fleet at San Diego. By January 1959 the METIVIER had moved to the berthing area at Stockton, Calif. On 30 June 1968 the USS METIVIER was struck from the Naval Register and was prepared to be sold for scrap.

The METIVIER received three battle stars for World War II service.

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